2017-2018 Annual Report


Annual Report

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Community of Giving

Our Mission

Dental Lifeline Network is a national charitable organization working to improve the oral health of people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile and have no other way to get help. We accomplish our mission by developing and coordinating collaborative relationships that provide essential resources for direct-service programs, especially charitable care.

13,577 lives


Dental Lifeline Network (DLN) Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Impact

Giving back in our communities.

Through the contributions of our volunteer dentists and the generous donations by labs we continue to serve more elderly, veterans, people with disabilities, and those that often need life-saving care. This past year we served more people with special needs across our local communities.

We couldn’t sustain these efforts without the ongoing support of individual contributions as well as the continued support and donations from local governments, foundations and the dental industry. I am proud to be a part of such a generous community of giving—thank you!

We focused on three areas in 2017/2018 aimed at changing
lives and serving more people with special needs:

  • Increasing awareness of our programs to new audiences through the Will You See ONE campaign, especially to potential volunteers
  • Raising more money that enabled us to help more people
  • Continuing initiatives in integrating oral and overall health advocacy and education

These efforts, combined with your support, made a difference in the many lives of those we served this past year. Thank you for all you do, our volunteer dentists and labs, dental industry supporters, other partners and donors.

Frank A. Maggio, DDS


“We are making a difference in our communities.”

-Frank A. Maggio, DDS – Chairman

Expanding Programs

Over the past year we worked to improve efficiencies in program delivery and increase patient care to expand services to our country’s most vulnerable people. We expanded our partnerships with dental schools and veteran’s programs and increased online engagement of patients and volunteers.

“Dr. Mora and her staff are great. Downright the best people I’ve ever met. Such a great program and I am very grateful.”

– Darrell, USMC Veteran, DDS patient

DDS Patient spotlight .

Elderly veteran Darrell lives in Illinois and is a US Marine Corp veteran. He recently developed heart issues and his physician recommended addressing his oral health concerns to reduce further complications with his overall health. Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, Dr. Mora and her staff helped restore Darrell’s oral health and put him on the path of overall recovery.

Darrell's Full Story

Donated Dental Services (DDS)

Provides comprehensive dental treatment to our country’s most
vulnerable people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile

9,874 individuals were served

7,815 individuals received

$26,606,679 in donated treatment

$1,965,760 contributed in fabrications by laboratories

Dental HouseCalls

Portable dentist office delivering comprehensive care to people that
cannot easily travel to dentist’s offices in Colorado and New

1,363 patients served

Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS)

Enables low-income children to receive orthodontic treatment.

597 volunteer orthodontics

29 volunteer laboratories

518 low-income children served

89 of these children received

$495,983 in dental treatment

Campaign of concern .

Provided in–service training to 1,822 parents, clients and Colorado
case managers or residential staff who serve people with
intellectual and developmental disabilities. Campaign of Concern
only operates in Colorado.

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Our Volunteers

Our volunteer recruitment efforts are multi-faceted including peer-to-peer recruitment, state specific newsletters and e-blasts, staff recruitment through meeting presentations, individual asks and partnerships with other national organizations.

The launch of the new Will You See One campaign provided additional tools to support our ongoing efforts to recruit more dentists to help us serve more people.


Donated Dental Services (DDS) Volunteer Dentists


Volunteer Laboratories

Volunteer spotlight .

Dr. Lauren Krauser began volunteering just three years ago with the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program and recently had the opportunity to provide life-saving care. Laura needed dental clearance before she could undergo a stem cell transplant. Dr. Krauser and her team donated the comprehensive treatment she needed to be cleared for the transplant and bring her one-step closer to her road to recovery. She felt her experience with DDS motivated her office to be more successful in order to use the success to give back. She and her staff enjoy the ease of volunteering and ability to give back to their community in a meaningful way.

More on Dr. Krauser

“Most of all Laura was grateful for the services provided. She sent me the most beautiful heartfelt letter. That was the best form of payment I have ever been given.”

– Dr. Lauren Krauser, DDS Volunteer – Florida

Diversifying Revenue

Our fundraising efforts allow the organization to positively impact those we serve. This year we expanded our fundraising efforts with our peer-to-peer fundraising campaign: Lifeline Heroes Challenge, a corporate giving campaign: Every Smile Counts and the continuation of DLN’s Legacy Society to promote planned giving and recognize those who are including DLN in their estate plan.

$1.9 million
Contributions: Foundations/Associations
$1.6 million
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