Our Mission

For 35 years DLN has changed and saved the lives of 159,000
people with special needs all across the country


IN FY19/20!

A message from our Board Chairman Frank A. Maggio, DDS

“I am beyond grateful…”


Focus Areas

We focused on three areas in 2019/2020 aimed at changing lives
and serving more people with special needs:

Serving our Veterans
We worked this past year to introduce our programs to new audiences through the Will You See One VET campaign, reaching dental students and engaging our partners to reach more potential volunteers.

Changing & Saving Lives
We continue to lead efforts to integrate oral and overall health education to patients and dentists.

Increasing Revenue
We expanded our supporters and partnerships to raise more money to help more people. .

Serving our Veterans

Over the past year we launched the Will You See One Vet campaign that included creating radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs) played across the country, print advertisements and support from our dental membership partners.

Will You See One Vet Campaign

Veteran Spotlight

Army veteran and National Guard soldier—Robert—was able to eat again and get his smile back with the help of a team of generous volunteers.


Changing and Saving Lives

Donated Dental Services (DDS)

Provides comprehensive dental treatment to our country’s most vulnerable people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile.


individuals were served


Volunteer Labs


in donated dental treatment


contributed in fabrications by laboratories


DDS Volunteer Dentists

Dental HouseCalls

Portable dentist office delivering comprehensive care to people that cannot easily travel to dentist’s offices in Colorado


patients were served

Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS)

Enables low-income children to receive orthodontic treatment.


low-income children were served


in dental treatment

Campaign of Concern

The program provides oral hygiene training for individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities or their caregivers, family, or support staff. Individuals with a developmental or intellectual disability are taught techniques to ensure a healthy mouth.


patients were served

Our Volunteers

Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteers provide the life-changing and life-saving treatment for thousands of people with special needs.


Donated Dental Services (DDS)

Volunteer Dentists


Volunteer Laboratories

Volunteer Spotlight

“The DLN/DDS patients I’ve seen over four decades have been great, and so grateful for the help.”

For more than 33 years Dr. Martello has been volunteering with Dental Lifeline Network as a board member and volunteer.

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Increasing Revenue

This year we launched our Lifeline Heroes Challenge for Vets program that brought all aspects of the dental industry together. Including a gift from the American Heroes Fund, which was established by the ADA Foundation in honor of Dr. Loren Feldner. Additional contributors included Delta Dental, Guardian, Benco, Henry Schein, Patterson and many generous manufacturers.

$1.2 million

Contributions: Foundations/Associations

$1.2 million

Government Funding

$1.5 million

Other Support & Revenue

FY 2019-2020 Financials

Many wonderful contributors support the services of our volunteers and the millions of dollars of treatment they donate.

Total Support & Revenue

Donated Services (81.4%)
Other Support & Contributions (9%)
Government (5.3%)
Foundations & Associations (4.4%)

Total Program Expenses

Donated Services (95.4%)
Dental Housecalls and Campaign of Concern (2.6%)
Program Development (2%)

Total Support Services Expenses

Program Services (93%)
Management & General (5%)
Fund-raising, DentaCheques (2%)

A message from our Board Chairman Frank A. Maggio, DDS

Beyond Grateful

Our fiscal year ended in June 2020, just a few months after COVID-19 hit and closed down dental offices. That left many of our patients waiting for treatment in what is usually our busiest quarter. Despite the chaos, we still made an incredible difference in the lives of more than 11,000 people. Amazingly, dentists rose to the occasion and began to see patients as soon as they could. And many of our donors and partners went above and beyond, making significant donations and other support—for that we are very grateful!

One particular bright spot is our continued effort to give back to our veterans with special needs across our local communities. Thanks to the many of supporters of Lifeline Heroes Challenge, we were able to help 1,064 veterans. Primarily because of COVID-19, the total number of volunteer dentists decreased to 15,318 from 16,000 last year but we remained stable with nearly 3,500 labs donating prosthetics.

We could not have had this success without the ongoing support of individual contributions as well as the continued support and donations from local governments, foundations and the dental industry. Additionally, we are thankful for the many organizations who helped us spread the word through emails and letters to their members and supporters about Dental Lifeline Network’s programs.

We focused on three areas in 2019/2020 aimed at changing and saving lives and serving more people with special needs:

  • Serving veterans through the Will You See One Vet campaign
  • Increasing revenue that enabled us to help more people, particularly veterans
  • Continuing initiatives in integrating oral and overall health education

These are challenging times, and we will be pleased if we can maintain services in the coming fiscal year. I am beyond grateful for the continued service I see across our community. Thank you for all you do, our volunteer dentists and labs, dental and insurance industry supporters, other partners and donors—you make DLN the success it is.

Frank A. Maggio, DDS