Board of Directors 2019 – 2020


Frank A. Maggio, DDS
Former Trustee, American Dental Association

Vice Chair
John Nicholas Vinke

Terry L. Buckenheimer, DMD
Former Trustee, American Dental Association

Treasurer and Assistant Secretary
Stephen A. Weinstein
Spencer Fane

Larry Coffee, DDS

President and Chief Executive Officer
Fred Leviton

Directors at Large

Gordon Christensen, DDS, MS, PhD
Practical Clinical Courses
CR Foundation

Charles F. Cohen
Benco Dental Supply Company

Joseph P. Crowley, DDS
Former President, American Dental Association

Helen Drexler
Delta Dental of Colorado

Drew Eason
Florida Dental Association

Brett Kessler, DDS
Trustee, American Dental Association

Martin C. Nager, DDS
Dental Lifeline Network ∙ Rhode Island

Bill Neumann
Group Dentistry Now

Kirk Norbo, DMD
Trustee, American Dental Association

Tim E. Rogan
Patterson Companies, Inc.

Gregory M. Sheehan
Dentsply Sirona

Christopher T. Swanker
Avesis, a Subsidiary of Guardian Life

Bret Wise
Former CEO, Dentsply Sirona