2018 Kansas Volunteer Awards

Dr. Wommack and two recent DDS patients.

Dental Lifeline Network • Kansas awarded three outstanding Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteers and one outstanding student in April for their spirit of compassion, caring and their dedication to serving vulnerable individuals. DLN • KS board president Dr. Stephen Zeller presented awards to volunteers including both dentists and labs.

2018 Kansas Volunteer Awards

Dr. Joe Wommack has been a volunteer dentist with DDS since 1996, helping 47 people with over $177,000 in donated treatment. Dr. Wommack always sees several DDS patients at a time.

Two of Dr. Wommack’s recent patients joined him in his award photo.

Dr. Collier and his award.

“They are so appreciative of this program and were proud to stand beside Joe [for a photo with the award].  Dr. Wommack was especially touched by

[the husband’s] appreciation as he is a Vietnam War Veteran who has so many health related issues due to his exposure to Agent Orange,” said Ginny Wommack, wife and offic

e manager of Dr. Joe Wommack. “There are no area Vet centers that help with dental needs. For Joe and me, we lived that era and see the many sacrifices some Vets made for supporting the United States.”

Dr. Kirk Collier is an oral surgeon and has been a DDS volunteer since 1998. He has treated 65 people through the program, with more than $114,090 in donated treatment. His office is very generous – last year DLN recognized Dr. Tyson Marrs, Dr. Collier’s partner, for his service.

Kaylor Dental Laboratory in Wichita has provided more than $37,000 in fabrications to help 211 people since 1997. The lab is co-owned by Dennis, Tom, and Ron Kaylor, has been in business for over 55 years and has more than 50 employees.

Dennis Kaylor and Dr. Stephen Zeller.

Brian D. Stone Memorial Award

Anna McKee, a senior dental student from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, received the Brian D. Stone Memorial award. The award recognizes future dental professionals who exemplify the spirit of volunteerism and care for vulnerable populations, and who will hopefully continue to provide charitable care throughout their dental careers.


Volunteering with DLN  

Together, 354 volunteer dentists and 77 volunteer dental labs have provided $11.3 million in care to more than 3,500 vulnerable people in Kansas since 1996. Patients include people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile, and have no other way to pay for much needed dental treatment.

Anna McKee and Dr. Stephen Zeller.


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