DLN supporters generate nearly $450,000 in dental care to people with special needs in 2018 Lifeline Heroes Challenge

Dental heroes across the U.S. asked their friends and family, and dental offices asked their patients to donate money to support DLN in the 2018 Lifeline Heroes Challenge, raising a total of $50,000 thanks to a generous matching gift from Dentsply Sirona.

Lifeline Heroes Challenge is an annual fundraising effort to support Dental Lifeline Network’s Donated Dental Services program. Many individuals across the dental industry set up fundraising pages and efforts to support DLN in a variety of ways for Lifeline Heroes Challenge.

Millions of people throughout the United States with disabilities, or who are elderly or medically fragile don’t have the ability to pay for vital dental care.  Through DDS, DLN’s flagship program, 15,000 volunteer dentists and 3,500 dental labs donate their time and talent and serve people who desperately need life-changing and life-saving dental care.

For every dollar raised, DLN generates nearly $9 in care, meaning the $50,000 in funds raised from the Lifeline Heroes Challenge have generated nearly $450,000 in treatment through the DDS program. Since its inception in 1985, the program has surpassed $365 million in donated dental therapies, transforming the lives of over 119,000 people.

“Thanks to participating ‘heroes,’ we can better support thousands of volunteer dentists and labs nationwide in their work to help people with special needs address seriously-neglected problems,” said Fred Leviton, president and CEO of Dental Lifeline Network. “Through the power of individual donations leveraged by the gracious support of Dentsply Sirona, DLN is able to change more lives.”

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