3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your DentaCheques Purchase

Get Free Products By Pushing a Button!

Here are three tips for how you can get the most out your DentaCheques purchase and start collecting on over $14,000 in savings.

    1.)    MegaSamples

    You don’t need to show proof of purchase, just simply hit the “Redeem” button and get a free sample sent to your office.  MegaSamples are bulk samples of products from your favorite manufacturer delivered directly to your office. Preview some of these great offers to see some of the great samples that you can order today!

    2.)    Mystery Box

    Who doesn’t love getting a mystery box? And, like the MegaSamples you don’t need to show proof of purchase, simply hit Redeem and you get a free box of supplies sent to your office.

    This exciting mixture of goodies features some of the newest products in the industry, and some of your favorite staples packed into one surprise box! Best yet, it is delivered to you at no cost, letting you make the most of your discount package!

    3.)    Dealer and Manufacturer Discounts

    • Dealer Discounts. You can save up to $120 on your routine supply purchases with your preferred dealer when you upload an invoice showing your purchases. Redeeming your discounts and coupons is as simple as filling out or uploading an invoice number from a past purchase, and then cashing in your money-saving coupons!
    • Manufacturer Deals. Browse through the many “buy one get one” offers to see what you already have purchased or plan to purchase. Simply upload the invoice showing proof of purchase and get free product sent to your office.

    Thank you again for supporting Dental Lifeline Network through your purchase. Start redeeming and start saving on your dental supplies today!

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