DLN • Kansas Honors Outstanding Volunteers

Dental Lifeline Network ● Kansas honored five outstanding volunteers in its Donated Dental Services (DDS) program in April. The recipients were commended for their spirit of compassion, caring and their dedication to the DDS program. The volunteers, including both dentists and dental labs, were presented with the award by DLN • KS board vice president Dr. Cindi Sherwood.

Dr. John H. McKnight (not pictured) has been a volunteer with DDS since 1999 and is one of only four volunteers in Leavenworth. He has helped 23 patients in the DDS program, and has donated more than $35,000 in dental care and continues to accept new DDS patients.

Dr. Tyson Marrs (not pictured) is an oral surgeon and has been a DDS volunteer since 2008. He has donated more than $55,000 to 21 patients in his time as a DDS volunteer.

DLN • KS board vice president Dr. Cindi Sherwood and Dr. Lisa Gonzales

Dr. Lisa Gonzales is a general dentist practicing in Kansas City and a DDS volunteer since 1998. She has treated 23 patients and provided more than $73,000 in donated treatment to DDS.

Summit Dental Laboratory (not pictured) owned by Larry Gilbert. He has been a volunteer with DDS since 1997 and donated more than $20,000 in lab fabrications to 44 DDS patients.

DLN • KS board vice president Dr. Cindi Sherwood and Tracy from DSG Heumann

DSG Heumann Dental Lab KC (Fairway) is part of Dental Services Group and has donated more than $53,000 in donated services to 120 patients since they began volunteering for DDS in 1997.

Together, 359 volunteer dentists and 72 volunteer dental labs have provided $11 million in care to more than 3,400 vulnerable people in Kansas since 1996. Patients include people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile, and have no other way to pay for much needed dental treatment.

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