DLN Feel-Good Resolutions

It’s time for New Year resolutions. We have all heard of losing weight and eating healthier as goals millions of people set each year. But what about a few soul-fulfilling New Year goals that can also help others? The countdown to a better you is on, we are here to get you started!

Our favorite feel-good resolutions:

  1. Volunteer — It’s no question that giving back to the community feels good. But did you know it’s actually good FOR you? According to a recent article by The Huffington Post, volunteering can help improve your well-being, help you learn new skills and make a powerful difference. Plus we know our volunteers change thousands of lives each year. Think no more about your resolution. Start fulfilling it today. www.DentalLifeline.org/Volunteer
  2. Donate — Making a monetary donation to charity is a positive feeling. Making a donation to a charity that helps people right in your own community feels even better. Pay it forward with just a few dollars this year. You’ll reap the rewards of knowing you helped someone less fortunate. Start here www.DentalLifeline.org/donate
  3. Inspire Others — If you’re already volunteering and donating, give yourself a pat on the back! That said, tell a friend to do the same. Caring and enthusiasm are contagious. If you spread the word about something you’re passionate about, your friends and family will listen!

We encourage you to set goals that are easily attainable while helping others. Most of all wishing you a prosperous 2017!