DLN Recognizes Precision Craft Dental Lab

Dental Lifeline Network would like to recognize Precision Craft Dental for their dedicated service to Donated Dental Services (DDS) patients in Rhode Island. Precision Craft Dental helped more than 160 patients since becoming a volunteer lab in 1989, totaling more than $67,000 in donated fabrications and they continue to give back to their community. Since the Rhode Island DDS program began in 1989, volunteer dental labs have provided donated materials to 2,869 patients. In the last fiscal year, 117 Rhode Island DDS patients received over $28,000 in donated lab services.

“Why do I do it? To give back. It’s just a warm feeling when you donate. I have had some great experiences through Donated Dental Services (DDS).” – Richard Napolitano, owner of Precision Craft Dental

To learn more about the Rhode Island DDS program, visit the 2015-2016 State Annual Report.

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