DLN Success Story — California Patient Has Happy Heart, Healthy Mouth

Lynette is a 58-year-old woman who lives Roseville. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and uses a cane to get around. Lynette survives on a small Social Security benefit and was unable to afford the dental care she desperately needed.

Fortunately, Lynette was referred to Dental Lifeline Network’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program and two volunteers agreed to offer their time and services to help her. Dr. William Gilbert donated a cast metal partial, crowns and a bridge. Brabant Dental Lab donated the fabrications.

Lynette was surprised to receive as much help as she did: “I had no idea that I would receive the extra gifts… the crowns, the deep cleaning, and the bridge you provided so kindly for me.” Lynette was so thankful to receive treatment, and Dr. Gilbert and Brabant Dental Lab were glad to make such a positive impact on her life.

“I had no idea that I would receive the exceptional care. I feel extremely lucky to have been chosen to be the person you helped.  Thank you from the bottom of my happy heart.” – Lynette

“Lynette came to us with a number of dental issues and a history of bad experiences with dentists in her lifetime.  When she saw that she could be heard, understood, and cared for in a humanistic way, it opened a world of possibilities in her life.” – Dr. Gilbert

Since its establishment in 1995, Dental Lifeline Network • CA and the kind-hearted volunteers involved have helped change the lives of over 2,300 people. To see what DLN has accomplished in the past fiscal year, visit the state annual report.