DLN Success Story — Full Smile Donated to New Hampshire Man

Philip, from New Hampshire, used to work for a recreational vehicle store detailing vehicles, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. He also worked alongside the mechanics, assisting them when necessary. In 2007, a car struck Philip while he was out walking. The tragic accident left him in a coma for over a year and when we awoke was diagnosed with significant brain damage and short term memory loss. He also experienced seizures and chronic pain because of the collision.

Philip was declared disabled in the wake of his accident and struggles to take care of his teeth because of the traumatic brain injury he experienced. While he receives Social Security Disability benefits and other financial assistance, he could not afford the dental treatment necessary to fix his deteriorating oral health.

Philip had been a longtime patient with Dr. Charles Schmidt, a volunteer for Donated Dental Services (DDS). Dr. Schmidt kindly referred Philip to the DDS program and agreed to treat him for no cost. Two additional volunteers stepped in along with Dr. Schmidt: oral surgeon Dr. Dennis Hannon and DOS Dental Lab, LLC. Dr. Hannon performed full mouth extractions and Dr. Schmidt fitted Philip with a full set of dentures donated by DOS Dental Lab.

Because of the generosity of this team of volunteers, Philip experiences no pain in his mouth and can eat and smile comfortably again.

“It was good, I was happy. I have a better smile and I’m happy.” — Philip

“I feel blessed to be a member of this profession and do the work I do everyday. This gives me an opportunity to help people who may not otherwise be able to afford the care they need. It’s nice to have a program to facilitate this — to make that connection between us and somebody in need.” — Dr. Schmidt

Since its inception in 2002, DLN • New Hampshire has treated nearly 700 people like Philip. To learn more about DLN • New Hampshire, visit the state annual report!