DLN Success Story | Trio of Volunteers Help Cancer Survivor in Hawaii

Edward, 59, lives on Oahu. A former construction worker, he was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago and had surgery in 2013. Thankfully, the cancer is now in remission, but he becomes short of breath very quickly. He also had his gallbladder removed and has received treatment for several other health issues, including hypertension and depression.

Edward also needed to address his poor dental health. Several of his teeth were missing or broken off at the gum line, and he was left with only two “whole” teeth in his mouth. He desperately needed to see a dentist in order to improve his health and be comfortable again. Unfortunately, unable to work and surviving on a Social Security Disability benefit, he was left with only a few dollars per month after his major expenses. With no means to pay for necessary care, it seemed as though he had nowhere to turn.

A friend at Red Cross referred Edward to Dental Lifeline Network’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, and quickly received the help of three volunteers: general dentist Dr. Leialoha Leung, oral surgeon Dr. Greg Lung and ACL Hawaii Inc. dental lab. Dr. Leung recommended full upper and lower dentures for Edward, but first he needed to have his teeth removed and his upper ridge be modified for dentures. Dr. Lung graciously agreed to complete these procedures, and ACL Hawaii Inc. volunteered to fabricate the dentures.

Thanks to these three volunteers, Edward is now much more comfortable eating and smiling.

“Now I can face the world. I don’t have to cover my mouth or talk differently. It was a great experience with wonderful people.” – Edward

Since 2002, DLN • HI has helped 482 people in need get necessary, life-changing dental care. To see what DLN has accomplished in Hawaii over the past fiscal year, check out the state annual report!