DLN Success Story — Illinois Patient’s Smile Restored

Lovenia worked for several decades as a housekeeper before recently retiring at 72. Now 74, Lovenia lives alone at her home in Illinois. Unfortunately, she experiences multiple health issues including arthritis, an enlarged thyroid and heart, nerve damage, and a cyst on her kidney. In addition to her poor physical health, she was also missing several teeth. A couple fillings had also fallen out, causing her constant pain.

Although Lovenia receives a Social Security benefit and a small pension, she felt she was going underwater with too many recent home maintenance bills, in addition to her regular monthly expenses. Lovenia was struggling to make ends meet and could not afford the dental care she needed to restore her oral health and quality of life.

After Lovenia was referred to Donated Dental Services (DDS), a team of volunteers stepped in to help. Dr. Carolyn Bronke Wind restored seven teeth and donated a crown as well as a lower partial denture. Artistic Dental Studio fabricated the crown and partial denture Dr. Bronke Wind installed.

“I didn’t have the money for the dental care I needed and everyone was so kind to me. The office did things that no other doctor would do for me and the lab work turned out wonderful. I feel so blessed by all this help that was poured out for me.” — Lovenia

“If all Illinois dentists saw just one or two per year of those patients in need, so much needed care could be provided. As is known, good dental health improves systemic health. It really is a win/win situation for those who participate.” — Dr. Bronke Wind

In the last fiscal year, 418 patients like Lovenia received donated dental care. To see more information about how DLN • Illinois helped those in need, visit the state annual report!