DLN Success Stories — Indiana Patient Receives a Lifeline

Constance, 50, is a kind woman from Indiana who is no stranger to hardship. Constance has birth defects that have affected her internal organs, leaving her with a deformed kidney and a non-functioning kidney. She experiences muscular problems in her toes and elbows because of other birth defects, foot swelling, and was recently diagnosed with depression. In her twenties, Constance sustained serious injuries to her face and had to undergo four facial reconstructive surgeries. Six years ago, she lost both her husband and mother unexpectedly in the same week and she now lives alone. Before she began receiving a disabilities benefit, she worked for an insurance company for nine years.

Despite all this adversity, Constance is known as a very positive, sweet woman who is very easy to talk to. When she found out she was accepted to receive care through Donated Dental Services (DDS) to address dental issues she’s had since childhood, she was ecstatic. “From that moment, my life changed.”

Dr. Rodney Eccles, a volunteer dentist partnered with Dental Lifeline Network, offered his care to Constance. Dr. Eccles extracted four of Constance’s lower teeth, while volunteer oral surgeon Dr. Raymond W. Lee completed alveoplasty, a procedure which would allow her dentures to fit correctly. Constance also received a brand new set of dentures fabricated by Nick and Mike Dental Laboratory, Inc.

Thanks to these generous volunteers, Constance experiences no pain in her mouth and can enjoy foods she hasn’t been able to eat in decades. She no longer feels self-conscious about her teeth and is not afraid to take pictures showing off her smile.

“Dental Lifeline was truly my “lifeline.” Your work has changed my life in such a wonderful way. I cannot express in words how important this program was for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” — Constance

“My experience with Constance is not unlike my previous experiences with patients referred to me by DLN.  The area staff are thorough in choosing candidates for patients that are deserving of the dental care they receive.” — Dr. Eccles

To see how DLN • Indiana has helped others like Constance, check out the state annual report!