DLN Success Story — Maine Patient Ecstatic About Donated Care

Peter, 45, survived a stroke and brain aneurysm in 2011, and has since struggled with significant muscle weakness which makes him prone to falls. Peter also battles depression, but despite his health situation remains a polite man who is pleasant to talk to. 

Unfortunately, years of inattention to his oral care left Peter with several missing, broken, or decayed teeth. Unable to work, Peter receives a Social Security Disability benefit and barely makes ends meet. While he does have Medicaid benefits, they would not fully cover the cost of the dental treatment he needed. Because of his inability to afford necessary care, it seemed as though Peter had nowhere to turn.

Peter was referred to the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program and a team of volunteers came to his aid. Dr. Geraldine Schneider donated eight crowns, a full upper denture, partial lower denture, as well as an adjustment. Port City Dental Lab fabricated the crowns and dentures and adjusted them for Peter. Thanks to these generous volunteers, Peter’s dental health has greatly improved and he can eat and smile comfortably.

“I am very grateful for the help. It went very well and I can eat better. I am happy and appreciate how nice everyone was to me.” — Peter

“Consider participating! The patients are well-screened. You, as the dentist, have the opportunity to decide whether or not to treat the patient after you’ve had the chance to meet the patient and evaluate his/her dental needs.” — Dr. Schneider

To see how DLN • Maine has helped other patients like Peter, check out the state annual report!