DLN Success Story — Alaska Veteran Awarded New Smile

Michael, 62, is a veteran living in Alaska whose Medicaid didn’t cover the dental crowns he needed to maintain his oral health. Michael was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, and recently received a heart stent and shoulder surgery for an injury he sustained years ago. Because of this injury, he was unable to work and wasn’t receiving any aid from a Social Security Disabilities Benefit as his insurance application was still pending. Michael knew he needed to take care of his dental health, but it seemed he had nowhere to turn.

Thankfully, he was connected with the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program and two generous volunteers stepped in to help. DLN • Alaska Leadership Council Chair Dr. Heather Willis agreed to take Michael’s case and donated two crowns fabricated by Castable Ceramics.

“Dr. Willis went out of her way to repair something not even done by her. She is very caring. If everybody treated everyone as kind and caring as her, it would improve other people’s business.”  – Michael

Michael had a great experience with Dr. Willis and the DDS program, and Dr. Willis was pleased to help Michael repair his teeth.

“Mike has been one of the best DLN patients. Because of the shoulder injury, he had to take an extended amount of time off and he felt he lost some independence. He was just feeling grateful for what he was receiving. He is a great guy!” – Dr. Willis

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