DLN Success Story – Mississippi Patient Thankful for a New Smile

Durand is a 52-year-old man from Columbus. He worked at a local brick company for many years until his health began to deteriorate. Durand was diagnosed with renal failure and began receiving dialysis treatment three times per week. He is trying to get on the waitlist for a kidney transplant, which will eventually require dental clearance to proceed. Multiple missing and decayed teeth caused him problems chewing his food and made him feel self-conscious about his appearance. Surviving on a limited social security income, Durand could not afford the dental treatment he desperately needed.

Dental Lifeline Network • Mississippi and the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program came to Durand’s rescue. MDA member and DDS volunteer Dr. David Shipp agreed to help Durand restore his oral health in order to help move him one step closer to a kidney transplant. Lawrence Dental Lab donated a partial lower denture for Durand. With his dental needs taken care of, Durand is hopeful for a kidney transplant.

“We really enjoyed treating Durand. He was such a pleasant man and always made us smile.” – Dr. Shipp’s office

There are 348 people like Durand on waitlists in Mississippi. Will you help? Try one case today, make a difference forever. www.DentalLifeline.org/volunteer