DLN Success Story — MO Cancer Survivor Shines

Star and Dr. Bradley Bader

Star and Dr. Bradley Bader

Star battled multiple cancers throughout her life. She was once a healthcare worker dedicating her time to helping others. A diagnosis of brain cancer, removal of a brain tumor and learning of another cancerous tumor on her lip, forced her to stop working. Suffering with memory loss, having multiple surgeries and deteriorating teeth from radiation Star was facing a challenging road ahead. A mountain of medical bills from cancer treatments piled up, her oral health continued to decline and cause constant pain. With no where else to turn, Donated Dental Services (DDS) came to her rescue.

Her long-time dentist and DDS volunteer Dr. Bradley Bader agreed to help Star, donating full upper and lower dentures after volunteer oral surgeon Dr. Steve Schoolman extracted her remaining broken teeth.

“I could not have been more blessed than I have been with DDS. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done.”

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