DLN Success Story — PA Man Remembers How to Smile

Daniel, from Pennsylvania, used to work at an airport before he broke his back and began having trouble walking. Aside from this disability, Daniel also has asthma, diabetes, and acid reflux, all of which make his life difficult. Despite these health conditions, Daniel does his best to have fun and take care of himself. Even though he brushed his teeth everyday, Daniel still experienced constant pain in his mouth, but unfortunately his small Social Security Disability benefit could not help to cover the significant treatment needed to alleviate his discomfort and improve his oral health. 

After Daniel was referred to Donated Dental Services (DDS), a team of generous volunteers came to his aid, oral surgeon Dr. Steven Engroff extracted 10 teeth, Dr. William Moffett donated upper and lower partial dentures fabricated by Muth & Mumma, a Dental Services Group laboratory, and Phillips Sonicare donated an electric toothbrush. Thanks to these volunteers, Daniel is much happier and much more comfortable. “DDS changed my life forever. I was so embarrassed to smile and now that’s all I do. You have no idea how much you changed my life,” said Daniel.

“While making his dentures and taking measurements, we asked him to smile, and he replied, ‘I kind of forget how to really smile.  I’ve been trying to cover up my teeth for so long.’ When we gave him his new teeth, it was so cool to watch his reaction.  He was so happy to see nice teeth in his mouth again.” – Dr. Moffett

DLN • Pennsylvania helped nearly 400 patients like Daniel get the dental treatment they needed in the fiscal year 2015-2016. To learn more about DLN’s work in Pennsylvania, check out the state annual report!