DLN Success Story — South Carolina Minister Overjoyed with New Smile

Herbert is a 70-year-old minister who lives with his wife in Summerville. Recently, his wife survived a stroke and he has become her full-time caretaker. He also suffers from diabetes and nutrition is important to mDr. Mrgan Finkbine and Dr. Dale Finkbine smile with Herbert.aintain his overall health. His children live in the area and try to help care for their parents as much as they can. Unfortunately, Herbert also had poor oral health, was missing several teeth, and had not seen a dentist in several years.

His physician became concerned that his declining oral health put him at risk for medical complications. As a minister, he needed to speak to his
congregation, but sadly had difficulty speaking due to missing teeth. They survive on a small Social Security benefit and barely make ends meet. It seemed as though they would have nowhere to turn for the dental treatment he desperately needed.

Herbert learned of the Donated Dental Services Program (DDS) and was linked with two generous volunteers:

• Dr. Megan Finkbine donated extractions, a full upper denture, and a lower cast metal partial.

• Glidewell Laboratories fabricated the denture and partial.

“He [my father] is a minister and he hadn’t been speaking much because of the problems with his teeth. He started speaking a lot more [after treatment]. It was wonderful. We’re just glad that he’s happy.” —Daughter of Herbert, DDS patient

“I think it is such a rewarding experience. A lot of times in volunteer work we do things because we think we’re giving to our patients but I have found in our volunteerism I end up receiving so much back from the patients that it is so incredibly rewarding. They’re a blessing to me.” —Dr. Megan Finkbine, DDS Volunteer


DDS has donated $412,000 of care to underserved patients. To see how DLN • South Carolina has helped others like Herbert, view the state annual report!