DLN Success Story – SC Woman Gets her Smile Back

dr-kimcapehartanddebradaDebrada worked as a pharmacy tech for many years before her disability prevented her from working. Uncontrolled seizures meant that she could not have a driver’s license and stopped her from getting to work. She suffered from headaches, anxiety and depression. Additionally, her physician told her that she also has recurrent infections in her mouth, causing cellulitis and abscessed teeth. Debrada hadn’t seen a dentist in more than 10 years. Multiple infected and broken teeth caused pain and health-related issues for her.

Dental Lifeline Network • South Carolina’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program came to Debrada’s rescue. Dr. Kim Capehart serves as the state Leadership Council Chair and agreed to help Debrada restore her oral health and smile. Dr. Capehart, along with Golden Strip Dental Lab, donated a full upper and lower denture. After treatment Debrada was elated with the results: “I am grateful to all of you and Dr. Capehart to give me my smile back, thank you so very much.”

During the 2015-2016 fiscal year, 149 South Carolina volunteer dentists (including both general dentists and specialists) and 42 dental labs helped treat 138 patients. But, there are 295 patients still on the waitlist. Help us bridge the gap and support patients like Debrada. Volunteer today!

“We’re not just making smiles, we’re changing lives. The impact you have on patients in your community can’t be measured.” – Dr. Kim Capehart