DLN Success Story — WY Patient Receives Royal Treatment

James, a retired railroad industry worker from Wyoming, experiences numerous ongoing health issues. He is on permanent dialysis, receiving weekly treatment for four hours over a three-day period, with no hope of a kidney transplant. James also has a pacemaker and a foley catheter bag, and survived a stroke that left him with cognitive issues. Despite all of these conditions, he strives to maintain a positive outlook on life and enjoy time living with his brother, Henry.

James’ doctor expressed concern over how James’ poor oral health was affecting his overall health, and the pain caused by his numerous broken teeth was also diminishing his quality of life. James knew he needed to get help, but his small Social Security Disability benefit wasn’t enough to help him cover the costs.

After James was referred to Donated Dental Services (DDS), two volunteers agreed to help: Leadership Council Chairman Dr. Mark O’Farrell completed four zirconia crowns and a restoration, and Glidewell Laboratories donated the crowns.

James feels much better after his treatment. “They [doctor and staff] were nice…my teeth were kind of sore [before treatment] and now they’re fine and I can eat better,” James said.

“Sometimes good deeds may go unnoticed, but grateful smiles never do!” – Dr. O’Farrell

Volunteers with DLN • WY donated $204,000 of care to underserved patients like James. To see more of DLN’s contributions in Wyoming, view the state annual report!