DLN Thanks Minnesota Dental Lab


Intelligent Touch Dental Corp Dedicated to Patients in Need

Dental Lifeline Network would like to recognize Intelligent Touch Dental Corp for their dedicated service to Donated Dental Services (DDS) patients in Minnesota. Intelligent helped more nearly 40 patients since becoming a volunteer in 1999.  Since the program began in 2003 Minnesota volunteer dental labs have provided donated materials to 1,841 patients. In the last fiscal year, donated lab services totaled more than $121,000 to 209 Minnesota patients.

Carolyn is just one of those patients. Carolyn is a 72-year-old woman who enjoys computer games and volunteering in her community. She worked as the head cook of a preschool for many years until taking an early retirement due to medical problems. Carolyn suffers from arthritis and has had multiple back surgeries along with both knees replaced. She had ill fitting dentures and missing teeth. DDS came to her rescue, Dr. Shana Heisler, oral surgeon Dr. Daniel Sampson and Intelligent Touch Dental Corp restored her oral health and smile. Thank you Intelligent Touch Dental Corp for your generous contribution to people like Carolyn.

“I was so nervous and excited. I just appreciate them so much, they made sure my teeth looked perfect ” said Carolyn.

If you are a volunteer dental lab for DDS and want to know how your office can be featured please contact April at azemyan@DentalLifeline.org