Massachusetts DDS Volunteer Pairs His Passions to Support DLN

Dr. Eric Weinstock at the premiere of his film “Blood Circus.” Photo Credit: Sweeney Photography

Endodontist and DLN • Massachusetts Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteer Dr. Eric Weinstock may enjoy his career in dentistry, but he has another passion hidden up his sleeve – movie screenwriting. Weinstock’s films vary in subject matter, including “Arlo: the Burping Pig,” a friendly children’s movie about a girl’s talking (and burping) pig. His most recent movie, “Blood Circus,” dives into the gritty action genre, with MMA-themed fight scenes that may include a few instances of dental trauma. Read his full IMDB Profile here.

Weinstock, a DDS volunteer since 2010, raised over $400 for DLN in proceeds from attendance at his recent screening of “Blood Circus” in February. Almost $9 of treatment is generated for every dollar raised, meaning the screening proceeds allows DLN to provide more than $3,500 in dental care to patients with disabilities, who are elderly, or who are medically compromised.

“I chose DLN because I wanted a charity that not only I believe in, but one I participate in as well. I understand how important a healthy mouth is and how prohibitively expensive it can be for those who don’t have the means or the access to attain public aid,” said Weinstock. “Combining my love of filmmaking and dentistry seemed like a natural choice.”

DLN • Massachusetts has a volunteer network of 51 dentists and 35 labs, though only one volunteer – Weinstock – is actively involved in screenwriting. There are some previously unknown benefits of being both a dentist and screenwriter, as Weinstock notes.

“In terms of how endodontics has influenced my screenwriting, perhaps the most obvious way is the intimacy I feel in treating patients. I really get to see people at their most vulnerable – in pain, nervous, et cetera – and I’m able to gain unique insight into human nature this way. Understanding people, especially when they are in jeopardy really helps me in my writing as I feel I can tap into what makes people tick and can then funnel that insight into the characters I create.”

As for his next film? He has a dark comedy in the works called “A Perfect Smile,” about a dentist on the run! Hopefully it’s not based on personal experience…