DLN • Oregon Recognizes Outstanding Volunteer

Dental Lifeline Network • Oregon recognizes Dr. Alan Montrose for outstanding service to the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. Dr. Montrose has been a DDS volunteer since 1989 and provided more than $114,000 in donated treatment to 14 patients. He has gone above and beyond in his service seeing many of his DDS patients on an ongoing basis. DLN • OR Leadership Council Chair Dr. Gerald Kennedy presented the outstanding service award to Dr. Alan Montrose in February.

Since the Oregon DDS program began in 1988 in partnership with the Oregon Dental Association, the program has helped 2,852 patients receive almost $9.7 million in donated dental care. A network of 289 volunteer dentists and 94 volunteer labs make up the Oregon DDS program.

DLN • Oregon also recognized two other outstanding volunteers this year, Dr. Joseph Radakovich and Artisian Dental Laboratory for outstanding service to the DDS program.

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