Dental Lifeline Network ● Rhode Island Donated Dental Services (DDS) Hosts First Annual Thanks & Giving Day

Dental Lifeline Network ● Rhode Island’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program hosted its first annual Thanks & Giving Day on Tuesday, Nov. 21. Dental Lifeline Network, the Rhode Island Dental Association and Delta Dental of Rhode Island asked dentists and dental laboratories to help bring attention to elderly Rhode Islanders, people with disabilities and those who are medically challenged who struggle with dental problems by donating a portion of their fees for one day.

Dental Lifeline Network ● Rhode Island raised $7,085 with the help of dentists and labs donating both individually or through a percentage of fees and at least one very generous dental hygienist gave back by donating her salary for the day.

Delta Dental of Rhode Island is sponsoring the effort by matching the funds raised, which will bring the total amount to approximately $14,171.

The money raised will help the goal of serving 116 patients in Rhode Island who suffer from dental problems, access the dental care they need when they have nowhere else to go. Since 1980, more than 360 Rhode Island dentists and 65 dental laboratories have donated over $6 million in dental treatment in private dental offices for approximately 3,000 Rhode Islanders.

It is not too late to donate to Dental Lifeline Network ● Rhode Island. To donate go to