Volunteer Spotlight Dr. Stapleton from Kentucky

dr-brandon-stapleton-and-wesley-cropIn our latest national annual report, we focused on our initiatives to build the foundation for the future. This included increasing volunteer participation in an effort to increase patient care. We highlighted a vital part of that effort—peer-to-peer recruitment. Here is the full story…

Kentucky Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteer Dr. Brandon Stapleton, a 5-year practitioner, has taken on his first year as a DDS program volunteer with a dedicated passion for helping the community. He went above and beyond volunteering to treat patients and additionally used social media, and his whole-hearted enthusiasm about the program to recruit more dentists to volunteer in Kentucky and is also on the Dental Lifeline Network • Kentucky Leadership Council.

“Dentistry is expensive and not everyone can afford quality dental care. If every dentist in the state took one patient per year we could eliminate a lot of the dental disease and need in the state. It’s important for us to give back, and I feel this is the best way for me to give back in a meaningful way,” said Dr. Stapleton on the importance of the DDS program.

He took on his first patient this year helping a 67-year-old Kentuckian and Army veteran who recently had a triple bypass surgery. In addition to his heart issues, Wesley also helps care for his wife who was ran over and can no longer work due to her disability. His deteriorating oral health including many missing, decayed and broken teeth needed attention that he could not afford to provide. Dr. Stapleton extracted Wesley’s remaining decayed teeth and placed two dental implants and immediate dentures with the help of Straumann USA and Hyde Dental Prosthetics.

“He is one of the best dentists around and is very thorough. You can take his word as the gospel. Thank you and your organization for making this possible for me.”