DDS Volunteer Runs 50 Marathons, Raises Funds for Colorado

This is Dr. Kelly’s 50th marathon in the 50th state! Congratulations!

Dr. Brian Kelly, Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteer dentist and Dental Lifeline Network • Colorado board member, has accomplished an incredible feat: completing 50 marathons, one in each state. His 50th marathon was the 45th Annual Maui Marathon in Hawaii on September 20th. To leverage his accomplishment for the greater good, Dr. Kelly asked his friends and family to make contributions to the DDS program for his 50th marathon celebration. He raised nearly $2,800 for Colorado DDS patients! Every $1 donated generates $10 in patient treatment for DDS patients.

Dr. Kelly has run other races to benefit additional charities. He is also a Boston marathon qualifier.

Thank you Dr. Kelly for your efforts to help Colorado DDS patients!