South Carolina DDS highlights published in SCDA Bulletin

Our State “Highlights” Report for South Carolina Donated Dental Services (DDS) was published in entirety as page 6 of the SCDA Bulletin for December.  The highlights report features stories and program information, including the level of involvement from the local dentistry community.

An excerpt from the report:

“The Future of South Carolina DDS: The program has grown dramatically this past year, yet we can do so much more! Today, 222 qualified and pre-screened applicants are waiting for care, but there are not enough volunteer dentists to help them. YOU can make a difference: Promote DDS to your colleagues, and consider donating your own time and services too. It’s easy and convenient to be a DDS volunteer—visit today!”

View the entire report

To find out more about volunteering for Dental Lifeline Network and Donated Dental Services (DDS) please click here.