Dental Sales Professionals Awarded Year-End Prizes for 2014 DentaCheques Sales

Four dental sales professionals from four dental supply companies are the winners of the year-end prizes of the 2014 DentaCheques Sales Contest.  Sales professionals from various supply companies throughout the industry earned entries to win one of four cash prizes based on the number of DentaCheques books sold from January 1 – December 31, 2014. Congratulations to the winners!  Read the full press release

Winners are:

Grand Prize Winner (50+ books sold):
Stephanie Starer
79 books sold
Benco Dental, Empire Region
Prize: $4,000

Second Prize Winner (25-49 books sold):
Eric Shaw
36 books sold
Henry Schein Dental, San Francisco Center
Prize: $2,500

Third Prize Winner (16-24 books sold):
Kelly Krinkie
18 books sold
Dental Health Products Inc.
Prize: $1,500

Fourth Prize Winner (5-15 books sold):
Ryan Mastej
9 books sold
Patterson Dental, Connecticut Branch
Prize: $750


About DentaCheques

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, DentaCheques is a product value book that is dentists’ best source for free and discounted products.  Dentists save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on purchases of supplies and equipment for their practices.  DentaCheques sales financially support delivery of dental care to people who desperately need it through the programs of Dental Lifeline Network.  The 2015 edition of DentaCheques is available for sale through various dental supply companies.