Learn more about e-DentaCheques

The traditional DentaCheques book that you have supported for twenty-five years is now available in an all-digital version!

Now you can purchase e-DentaCheques, which offers electronic redemption of all coupons! No coupon clipping, no invoice stapling, no stamping, and no mailing. Instead, view and redeem all your coupons online or with the new e-DentaCheques app.

To see how e-DentaCheques works, check out the short video below.

If you enjoy browsing through the paper book and redeeming the coupons the traditional way, you still can. You can easily purchase a paper book through your supply company representative.

Order your e-DentaCheques book and start saving today!

DentaCheques offers 3 ways for dental offices to save:

Dealer Discounts – $120 in discounts on supply company orders

MEGAsamples – Free products shipped directly to the dental office

Product Rebates – Discounts on products dental offices already buy

Both options are available for $149. 100% of the purchase price goes to support the programs of Dental Lifeline Network.

Dental Lifeline Network would like to acknowledge the following partners for their help funding the development of e-DentaCheques. We are grateful for their generous contributions and continued support of Dental Lifeline Network and its programs.

Benco Dental
Burkhart Dental
Henry Schein Dental
Patterson Dental