Dental Sales Professionals Awarded Prizes

Dental Sales Professionals Awarded Prizes for 2017 DentaCheques Sales



August 8, 2017 — Four dental sales professionals from four dental supply companies are winners in the 2017 mid-year DentaCheques Sales Contest drawing. As of June 30, 2017 the winners have sold a combined total of 115 books, resulting in nearly $175,000 in dental care provided to vulnerable individuals. Revenue from sales of DentaCheques coupon books support free, comprehensive dental care provided through Dental Lifeline Network (DLN) programs to society’s most vulnerable people who have no other access to treatment.


Winners are: 

Elizabeth Dygert, Patterson Dental, 55 books sold
Prize: $1,500


Denise Smith, Henry Schein Dental, 37 books sold
Prize: $1,000


Bill Michales, Dental Health Products, Inc., 16 books sold

Prize: $750


MyShell Baker-Wilson, Benco Dental, 7 books sold

Prize: $500


Grand prize winner Elizabeth Dygert of Patterson Dental explained, “Selling DentaCheques is a win-win for everyone. I get the pleasure of helping raise funds to provide dental care for those in need and my clients get incredible savings on supplies and equipment they use every day. It’s a great value for a good cause.”

“DentaCheques is a good program. My customers appreciate it and they know it helps people in need. It feels good to know I’m helping the less fortunate and I’m grateful to be part of it,” said Bill Michales of Dental Health Products Inc.

Sales professionals from participating supply companies earned one entry to the drawing per DentaCheques book sold during January 1 to June 30, 2017.  Representatives of Benco Dental, Burkhart Dental, Dental Health Products, Inc., Henry Schein Dental, companies of NDC Dental, and Patterson Dental sell DentaCheques without compensation.

MyShell Baker-Wilson of Benco Dental added, “Not only do the proceeds from DentaCheques go toward a great cause, it’s an awesome way to get samples of new products into the doctor’s hands.”

Henry Schein Dental’s Denise Smith mentioned, “I love selling DentaCheques! I believe in it, it’s so important to help the misfortunate. Even though it takes some time out of my day to sell it, it’s worth it.”

DentaCheques sales throughout 2017 are projected to raise $1.48 million to financially support the delivery of dental care to thousands of vulnerable people through DLN and its Donated Dental Services (DDS) program.  Over 15,000 dentists and 3,800 laboratories nationwide volunteer for DDS and donate care to people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile.



About DentaCheques

DentaCheques is a coupon book and dentists’ best source for special offers and discounted products.  Dentists save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on purchases of supplies and equipment for their practices.  The 2017 edition of DentaCheques is available for sale until December 31, 2017 through various dental supply companies and at Dentists can choose the printed version, or a digital version which offers electronic redemption of all coupons.  DentaCheques sales financially support delivery of dental care to people who desperately need it through the programs of Dental Lifeline Network.

About Dental Lifeline Network

A national dental charity, Dental Lifeline Network arranges comprehensive care for people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile through three programs. Its flagship Donated Dental Services (DDS) program has provided $330 million in care to 117,000 people. The DDS program involves more than 15,000 volunteer dentists and 3,800 volunteer laboratories, serving patients in all 50 states and the District of Columbia who cannot afford dental care and have no other way to get help. Dental HouseCalls provides services through a portable treatment program in Colorado. Bridge/Campaign of Concern offers in-service training in Colorado to case managers, residential staff and parents who serve people that cannot care for their own teeth.




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Dental Lifeline Network
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