DOS Application

Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS)

A Program of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO)

Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS) is a once in a lifetime opportunity that utilizes a network of orthodontists who volunteer their time and resources to care for the children of low-income families. Established in 2009, DOS works to provide children and families with another, more obtainable option for braces so they may have a new, straighter smile.

DOS is accepting applicants nationwide:


Your child must meet ALL of the following areas to apply for the program:

i. Be between the ages of 8 and 18 (depending on the state where the child lives) when they begin treatment,
ii. Not currently be in active orthodontic treatment (i.e. – not wearing braces),
iii. Have a current general dentist and good oral hygiene,
iv. Have a total household income at or below 200% of federal poverty level
v. Have no other resources or means through which they can receive orthodontic treatment, and…
vi. Be able to pay the non-refundable $200 fee upon acceptance into the program and BEFORE the first visit with a volunteer orthodontist.

Application Process

1. Complete and electronically sign the online application.
You will then need to mail or fax a copy of the following items to the DOS coordinator:

  • Last year’s federal tax return for the household or Social Security awards letter
  • Completed dentist referral form to be completed by child’s regular dentist (download form – click here)
  • Letter from the child explaining why he/she wants the braces and how he/she intends to care for them.

Please note: All information must be included in order for an application to be considered.

2. When the application is submitted it will be placed on the waiting list.
Wait lists vary by location and available volunteers; the wait time can be up to 18 months in some areas.

3. Once your child’s application reaches the top of the wait-list you will be contacted by the DOS coordinator and an intake will be completed.

4. Upon your child acceptance into the DOS program, you will have 14 days to submit the non-refundable $200 program fee.

If the fee is not received within 14 days your child’s case will be closed and you will need to re-apply to be considered for the program again. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot take payments from Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts. Additionally, we can only receive payments in full as partial payments will not be accepted.

5. Once the $200 program fee is paid, the DOS coordinator will refer your child to one of our volunteer orthodontists. You will then be notified of the orthodontist’s name and phone number to schedule an appointment for an examination.

This process can take at least six weeks as our volunteers’ availability varies greatly, thereby dictating whether they will agree to see your child immediately or not.

6. FINAL ACCEPTANCE into the program is made after the first clinical examination is complete and specific treatment needs are established. Only then will the volunteer orthodontist decide if or when they will donate treatment.