NE Delta Dental Foundation Grant Supports DLN • Vermont

Northeast Delta Dental Foundation Grant Supports Dental Lifeline Network • Vermont

Denver, Colo.May 19, 2016  A Northeast Delta Dental Foundation grant to Dental Lifeline Network • Vermont for $9,500 will help 21 vulnerable people each receive several thousand dollars’ worth of desperately needed dental care during fiscal year 2015-2016.

The funds will support the services of 25 dentists and 7 laboratories that volunteer for Donated Dental Services (DDS), a program of Dental Lifeline Network • Vermont. The volunteers donate comprehensive treatment to people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile. Each dollar spent generates $5.08 in donated care. Even though Medicaid includes dental benefits for adults in Vermont, those services are limited and DDS patients do not have the resources to pay for dental services.

These funds support patient screening, coordination and the scheduling of dentists, specialists and laboratories, so that dentists can focus on providing patient care in their offices on their own schedule

“DDS is the last hope for people who suffer agonizing pain and have no other way to get help,” said Dr. David Neumeister, Chairman of the Dental Lifeline Network • Vermont advisory council. “We are extremely grateful to Northeast Delta Dental Foundation for its wonderful support.”

“We know that you cannot have good overall health without good oral health and we are proud to partner with DDS to help eliminate the financial burden that critical dental treatment can pose for these patients,” said Kathleen B. Walker, treasurer of the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation.

The Vermont DDS program has provided over $95,000 in donated services to more than 28 patients since it began in 2013. It is part of a national network that has generated more than $320 million in services to 109,000 patients through DDS since 1986.

The DDS program is a safety net for people who suffer daily from severe dental disease, often with negative impact on their general health, and have no access or financial means to afford dental care. With the help of these grants, the DDS program will be able to provide services for more of the hundreds of individuals now on wait lists.

Dentists and laboratories can volunteer for DDS by contacting Program Coordinator Margaret Petrick at or 888.449.9670. It also is possible to volunteer, make a donation or learn more about Dental Lifeline Network by visiting

About Dental Lifeline Network • Vermont

Dental Lifeline Network – Vermont is a humanitarian program and part of a national network providing access to comprehensive dental care for people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile.


April Zemyan, Marketing Programs Manager