Our Volunteers Say

Volunteering is Easy.

With DDS, we’re donating just our skills and time – there’s always room for that.

– Dr. Patrick Hayashi, Hawaii

Donating a denture, crown, (or) bridge for the DDS program is a small thing for our lab, but it is huge for the deserving patient that needs help.

– Bob Edmonds, CDT, Owner, Edmonds Dental Prosthetics

Review the Patient Profile in Advance. Choose to See or Decline any Patient.

We see the patient for a consult and then decide whether to take the case. These people can’t get dental work done. A lot of times, it’s their second chance.

– Dr. Todd DeBates, North Dakota

Determine Your Own Treatment Plan.

This is a volunteer opportunity where you take a case to completion. The patients are so appreciative. We do this strictly for the gratification we get from making someone happy.

– Dr. Patrick Collins, Missouri

See Patients in Your Own Office.

With DDS, it’s much more efficient to do something for people with your own staff in your own office. You get paid in a different way – with gratitude.

– Dr. Lisa Howard, Maine

Never Pay Lab Costs.

Patients also can have their lab work done at no cost to them and no cost to me.

– Dr. Eileen Patterson, Minnesota

No Extra Paperwork for Your Office Staff.

The DDS Coordinator makes the process easy by screening patients, arranging for help from labs and specialists and handling all the paperwork. We focus on providing treatment to people who truly need it.
– Dr. Donald Dumais, New Hampshire