Dental HouseCalls Expands to Support Rural Colorado Residents

Dental Lifeline Network launched its third Dental HouseCalls van to the Western Slope of Colorado to provide care to people who cannot easily travel to dentist’s offices, including residents of

Dr. Steve Schiffer on the road to change smiles

nursing homes, homebound individuals and people with developmental disabilities attending day programs or living in residential centers with support from NextFifty Initiative.

The patients seen through our Dental HouseCalls have very little income and, without this service, would go without care. The program is staffed by a full-time coordinator who drives the van, sets up the equipment, helps the dentists at chairside and schedules patients. Dentists from the community staff the van and provide a full range of dental therapies.

NextFifty Initiative is making it possible for DLN to serve more Colorado senior residents, particularly in the Western Slope through its $50,000 grant to support the Dental HouseCalls van pilot project.

“This Dental HouseCalls van will double the amount of patients and impact we can have across the rural Colorado area,” said Fred Leviton, President of DLN.

Through generous donations from A-Dec, Dentsply Sirona, Patterson Dental Denver, and Paradise Dental Technologies, the van is stocked with dental equipment and materials to provide comprehensive dental care.

NextFifty Initiative’s mission is to fund initiatives that are driven to improve community services for the older generation and their caregivers.

“NextFifty Initiative is proud to support Dental Lifeline Network’s efforts to expand the Dental HouseCalls program to the Western Slope. This project is well aligned with our mission to improve the lives of vulnerable older adults. We are particularly excited to watch Dental Lifeline Network make an immediate impact in an area of Colorado that previously lacked this innovative service,” said Mark Hockenberg, Chief Financial Officer of NextFifty.

The Dental HouseCalls van is staffed with dentists, Dr. Steve Schiffer, Dr. Connor Rivers, and Dr. Matt Hudson, and dental coordinator Jill Marshall.

“We are fortunate to be providing dental care to so many genuine people who are willing to share their life stories with our dental team,” said Dr. Schiffer.

Now with three van programs in Colorado, the number of people who are unable to receive dental care due to transportation issues will significantly decrease.