DLN Success Story – Elderly Woman in Utah Receives More Than Just A Smile

Tulla, 64, lives in Salt Lake City with her daughter. She has experienced several health challenges including surviving two strokes and suffering from seizures, COPD, a thyroid condition, and memory problems. Complicating these medical issues, Tulla hadn’t been to a dentist in several years and her dental health had deteriorated. Her upper denture was worn out and cracked, and she had only five remaining bottom teeth, which had become broken and decayed and made eating difficult.

Sadly, Tulla’s teeth caused her constant pain and she was unable to afford the dental treatment she desperately needed. Surviving on a small Social Security benefit and living in subsidized housing, she and her daughter struggle to make ends meet. Dental treatment seemed beyond Tulla’s reach.

How DDS Helped
Fortunately, Tulla applied to the Dental Lifeline Network program and was linked with two generous volunteers.
• Dr. Kim Roberts provided an exam, X-rays, extracted eight teeth, smoothed her jaw bone and donated a full upper and lower denture.
• Utah Dental Laboratory fabricated a full upper and lower denture at no cost.

Utah Donated Dental Services (DDS) is a program of Dental Lifeline Network, a national humanitarian organization and a strategic partner of the ADA, providing access to comprehensive dental care for people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile and have no other way to get help. Nationally, 16,000 dentists and 3,500 laboratories volunteer for DDS.

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