Volunteer Highlight

Dr. Dallin Snow realized his passion for dentistry when he worked as a dental assistant during a summer break from college. Now he works to change and save the lives of community members like Darlene, a 77-year-old woman in Mesa, Arizona. Due to health problems with high blood pressure and blood sugar, her dental health declined. Living on a small fixed income, she was not able to afford the dental treatment she desperately needed. Darlene was referred to Dental Lifeline Network’s Arizona Donated Dental Services (DDS) program where she was matched with Dr. Snow.

He discovered that Darlene had only 12 remaining teeth and a partial denture that was 25 years old and did not fit. He completed multiple fillings for her remaining teeth and fitted her for new removable partial dentures. John Henry and Crane Dental Arts donated the dentures at no cost and Bertram Dental Lab donated the frames. Darlene was very grateful for the treatment and kindness she received.

After hearing about the DDS program at a dental meeting two years ago, Dr. Snow signed up right away and has donated thousands of dollars in comprehensive donated care to adults with special needs. He also serves on the new DLN • AZ Leadership Council, encouraging other dentists to join him in giving back to local patients, who could not otherwise afford dental treatment.

“DDS is important to me because one of my core values is service,” Dr. Snow said. “DDS provides a very effective and easy way to give back to people who need it.”

Dr. Snow is an example of one of the many dentists who are passionately giving back to their community. More volunteer dentists are needed to join him in seeing one DDS patient per year in their own office. He understands the importance of this program and recognizes the need for more volunteers, especially in rural areas as wait-lists continue to grow. In this new year, consider telling your colleagues about why you volunteer for DLN and the DDS program to help us add new volunteers to your community.