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“Therese had bad upper teeth and a cleft palate and was in need of new teeth. DDS is my favorite way to give back to the community in terms of donating treatment. It’s nice to be able to help local people. DDS identifies the patient and the need and help with the lab work. They make it easy to work with patients. It’s trouble-free. I’m a fan!” –Dr. Michael Harris (above right), DDS volunteer

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Donated Dental Services (DDS)

  • 346 volunteer dentists
  • 79 volunteer laboratories
  • $9.5 million in donated treatment to 3,134 patients since 1996

Volunteers Needed

Please volunteer! We need general dentists, specialists and labs willing to donate their skills and time, and the funding to make more treatment possible. More Information

Volunteer Now – Dentists and Labs

Donate Now

• DDS volunteers provide comprehensive treatment to eligible patients
• Volunteers do not provide emergency services

Applicants must lack adequate income to pay for dental care and:

• Have a permanent disability, or
• Are elderly: age 65 or older, or
• Qualify as medically fragile

Counties Closed/Open to New Applicants
If you have documentation from a physician stating that you cannot receive essential medical treatment due to your dental condition you can apply for the program even if your county is closed.

Due to lengthy wait lists, applications are not being accepted in the following counties:

Johnson Leavenworth Reno
Riley Saline Sumner

For More Information, Contact:

Cayla Lloyd, DDS Coordinator
785.273.1900 or clloyd@DentalLifeline.org
785.273.1542 (fax)

Dental Lifeline Network • Kansas
P.O. Box 4266
Topeka, KS 66604

All applications must be submitted through a DDS Coordinator

Apply Now

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Success Story

Robin Kidney&Dr FredericoThomas

Living in Lawrence, Robin (left), a 30-year employee at the University of Kansas student union, had life-threatening breast cancer that had metastasized to the bone and liver. She desperately needed a clean bill of oral health to qualify for chemotherapy. Oral surgeon Stephen Zeller, DDS, donated an alveoplasty and 13 extractions, and Stephen Chronister, DDS, (right) contributed full upper and partial lower dentures so that Robin could proceed with her cancer treatment. Aries Dental Prosthetics donated the denture fabrications.