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National Board of Directors

Our board of directors is a diverse group of leaders in the dental profession, the dental industry, as well as public policy advocates



Frank A. Maggio, DDS

Vice Chair

John Nicholas Vinke


Terry L. Buckenheimer, DMD

Treasurer and Assistant Secretary

Stephen A. Weinstein
Spencer Fane LLC

Executive Leadership

President & CEO

Fred Leviton

Directors at Large

Teri Battaglieri
Delta Dental of Michigan

Gordon Christensen, DDS, MS, PhD
Practical Clinical Courses
CR Foundation

Larry Coffee, DDS

Charles F. Cohen
Benco Dental Supply Company

Joseph P. Crowley, DDS
American Dental Association

Drew Eason
Florida Dental Association

Judith M. Fisch, DDS
American Dental Association

Martin C. Nager, DDS

Bill Neumann
Share Moving Media

Kirk Norbo, DMD

Tim E. Rogan
Patterson Companies, Inc.

Gregory Sheehan
Dentsply Sirona

Bret Wise

National Office Staff

1800 15th Street, Ste. 100
Denver CO 80202
888.471.6334 Toll-free
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Larry Coffee, D.D.S.
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Fred Leviton
President & CEO
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Dori Suess
Vice President, Finance and Human Resources
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Hollie Stevenson
Vice President, Affiliate and Government Relations
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Clair Diones
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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Jen Koberstein
Vice President, Program Services
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Matt Yeingst
Vice President, Development
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Jennifer Venerable
Director, Affiliate Relations
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Brittany Osborne
Billing Specialist
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Elizabeth Alvarez
DDS Program Manager
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Jaime Peca
DDS Program Manager
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Stacy Varouh
DDS Program Assistant Manager
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Trevor Zalkind
Marketing Coordinator
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Lara Womack
HR Manager
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Alexis Walbridge
Senior Writer
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Erin Stark
Grant Writer
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Nancy Freimuth
Grant Writer
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Nancy LeBois
Bookkeeper, Payroll
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Christian Briones
Program Assistant
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Whitney Isabel
Affiliate Relations and Marketing/Communications Assistant
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Heidi Kortright
Development Assistant
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Barbara Coffee, Lifetime Volunteer for Dental Lifeline Network

Barbara Coffee, Lifetime Volunteer for Dental Lifeline Network 1946-2014

State Leadership and Staff

State programs thrive with a combination of state dental association support, strong state boards and leadership councils, and Program Coordinators who screen patients to qualify them for services and match them with volunteer dentists and labs.


(For information on the program services offered in your state)

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Contact Us

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