Donated Dental Services (DDS) in Alaska

Information for applicants

Applicants must have no means to afford dental care and must meet ONE of the following criteria: 

  • Over 65 years of age
  • Permanently disabled
  • Need medically necessary dental care

What to expect? 

  • Volunteers provide comprehensive treatment to eligible patients 
  • Volunteers do not provide emergency services
  • Volunteers do not provide cosmetic treatment

All counties are OPEN to new applications.

If you are a veteran who meets the qualifications above, please apply to the program by clicking the button below. Even if your county is closed, you may still apply.

Applicants, see if you qualify!

If you would prefer to print and mail an application, click the button below!

Need to submit documents for your application?

Alaska Program Contact

Tammy Walker, DDS Coordinator

717.776.3268 (fax)

Dental Lifeline Network • Alaska

1800 15th Street, Suite 100                   Denver, CO 80202

About the Alaska DDS Program


Volunteer Dentists in Alaska


Volunteer Laboratories in Alaska


in Donated Treatment to Patients in Alaska


Patients treated in Alaska since 1996

Alaska Donated Dental Services (DDS) State Annual Report

Leadership Council

Heather Willis, DDS


Caroline Curtis, DMD

Tracey Harmon

Mike Jedlicka

David Logan, DDS

Lani Marlin, DDS

David Nielson, DDS

Mindy Shaw, DDS

Sean Siegel

Zestivinal (Zizi) Zoubek, DDS


“I am so grateful for the dental work I received.  Dr. Michael was a great dentist.  I am able to smile again and eat without pain.  Thank you for your help.”

–Fred, a DLN patient (pictured), with Dr. Charles Michael, an Alaska DLN Volunteer

Will You See One? Volunteer Today!



Dental Lifeline Network
1800 15th Street, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 303.534.5360
Fax: 303.534.5290

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