Board Of Directors



Frank A. Maggio, DDS
Former Trustee, American Dental Association

Vice Chair

John Nicholas Vinke


Terry L. Buckenheimer, DMD
Former Trustee, American Dental Association

Treasurer and Assistant Secretary

Stephen A. Weinstein
Spencer Fane

President and Chief Executive Officer

Fred Leviton

Directors at Large

Gordon Christensen, DDS, MS, PhD

Practical Clinical Courses
CR Foundation

Charles F. Cohen

Benco Dental Supply Company

Joseph P. Crowley, DDS

Former President, American Dental Association

Helen Drexler

Delta Dental of Colorado

Drew Eason

Florida Dental Association

Brett Kessler, DDS

Trustee, American Dental Association

Maureen Knott

Henry Schein Inc.

Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch, DDS, Phd

Indiana University School of Dentistry

Martin C. Nager, DMD

Dental Lifeline Network ∙ Rhode Island

Bill Neumann

Group Dentistry Now

Gary Oyster, DDS

17th Trustee, American Dental Association

Tim E. Rogan

Patterson Companies, Inc.

Gregory M. Sheehan

Dentsply Sirona

Christopher T. Swanker

Avesis, a Subsidiary of Guardian Life


Dental Lifeline Network
1800 15th Street, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 303.534.5360
Fax: 303.534.5290

Apart from the free survey software, we also have access to QuestionPro’s free survey templates . We’ve found many of them useful and powerful to collect insights from various stakeholders of our organization.

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