Dental Lifeline Network partners with 46 dental schools across the United States through the Brian D. Stone Memorial Award to recognize outstanding dental school graduates who have committed to volunteerism and public service to helping people with special needs. 

The award was established 17 years ago by Brian’s parents Drs. Joy and Justin Stone of New Jersey. The collaborative partnership between these accredited schools allows DLN to recognize future dental professionals who believe in the importance of volunteering to help our most vulnerable populations.

Kelli Dummerth (2022 Brian D. Stone Recipient)
Kelli Dummerth, Brian D. Stone Recipient with Dr. Becky Smith, Clinical Professor in the Department of Restorative Clinical Sciences at University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry

Kelli Dummerth, DDS is an example of one of those students. Dr. Dummerth graduated from University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry in May 2022. During her time at dental school she reflected on how she could use dentistry to be a part of positive change in her community. This led Dr. Dummerth to become involved in volunteering with the YMCA Challenger Program, a program for children and young adults with special needs that helps improve physical fitness, personal growth, fun, and friendships through activities that help improve these areas. Throughout her time at the YMCA Challenger Program, Dr. Dummerth helped serve individuals ages 4-30 with physical, developmental and intellectual disabilities.

“Working with our special needs community is something near and dear to my heart. My older brother was born with various medical challenges and if he was still with us today, he would require special healthcare needs,” said Dr. Dummerth, 2022 Brian D. Stone Recipient. “I’m especially drawn to giving back to our community with special needs because I can’t imagine a world where someone like my brother could not receive dental care. I made it my goal to provide a space that is welcoming and accommodating and this award shows me that my goals are shared among other dentists.”

In addition to Dr. Dummerth’s personal experience that inspired her to give back to the community, it was after her orthodontic treatment that she realized how much her self-confidence has changed. This inspired her to pursue a career in healthcare where she knew dentistry specifically was right for her.

This year, 46 students received the prestigious award! DLN continues to work on expanding this program by adding more schools and recipients. With generous support from our partner, Guardian Life Insurance Company, we will continue to do this in the coming years. If you are interested in participating in the program, please fill out our form.    

2022 Brian D. Stone Recipients


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