DLN Success Story – New Hampshire DDS Volunteer Helps Man Receive Much Needed Dental Care

James and Dr. McCann

James, 60, lives in Rockingham County with his wife and enjoys spending time with his five grandchildren. He was a tractor-trailer driver until about seven years ago when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and could no longer drive. Before his diagnosis, he liked to camp, fish and garden and now spends his time building tractor-trailer models and watching TV.

James also suffers from COPD, high cholesterol and arthritis of the spine. In addition to these health challenges, his dental condition had deteriorated and he was missing many teeth and those remaining were infected. Eating was difficult and painful and he worried that these infections were affecting his overall health.

James’ poor heath forced him to stop working and now he relies primarily on his Social Security Disability benefit to make ends meet. Sadly, the dental treatment he needed seemed far beyond his reach.

How DDS Helped

Fortunately, James applied to the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program and was linked with two generous volunteers

  • .Dr. Christina McCann extracted ten teeth, restored five teeth, smoothed his jawbone, and donated a full upper and partial lower denture.
  • Auger Dental Laboratory, LLC fabricated the full upper and partial lower dentures at no cost.

“I am so grateful for the DDS program. I can eat better and can even breathe better.”
— James, DDS Patient

“James and his wife are very lovely people. They even brought fresh eggs when they would come to their appointments.”
— Dr. Christina McCann, DDS Volunteer

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