Glidewell Laboratories Donates over $1 Million in Donated Treatment

In the span of 28 years serving as a DDS volunteer, Glidewell Dental Laboratories has generously contributed $1,012,547 in services, positively impacting 2,220 lives. Volunteer laboratories, including Glidewell Dental, play a crucial role in ensuring patients receive essential dental care through our programs.  

Wilton is one example of the patients whose lives have changed due to Glidewell’s generosity. A U.S. Army and Army National Guard veteran with 36 years of service,  Wilton faced health challenges including PTSD and coronary artery disease. Living on Social Security and military pension, Wilton couldn’t afford dental treatment. Thanks to Glidewell and Dr. Wayne Harper’s team, Wilton received full upper and lower dentures, restoring his dental health, eating, and smiling abilities.   

Dr. Wayne Harper with DDS patient Wilton

“I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Glidewell Laboratories for surpassing $1 million in donated treatment! Their unwavering generosity has transformed countless lives,” said Lynda Ricketson DLN President & CEO. “Thank you for your continued dedication to helping restore smiles and your commitment to making a positive impact.”  

About Glidewell Laboratories  

Over the last five decades, Glidewell has been a steadfast supporter of dental professionals, aiding clinicians in streamlining treatments, enhancing outcomes, and positively impacting the lives of their patients. Additionally, Glidewell is driven by a mission to enhance patient access to top-notch dental services by elevating quality, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.  

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