Grant from 4 Others Foundation Supports Dental Lifeline Network • North Carolina

The 4 Others Foundation has awarded a $22,000 grant to Dental Lifeline Network • North Carolina to help vulnerable individuals in the state receive critical dental care through the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program.

The grant will provide 200 people who are either elderly, disabled, or are medically compromised and cannot afford treatment with $200,000 in comprehensive dental care. The funds will support the coordination of services made possible through a network of 293 dentists and 111 dental laboratories who volunteer for DDS in North Carolina. Dental Lifeline Network appreciates the invaluable support of the 4 Others Foundation.

“The success of North Carolina’s DDS program is rooted in its volunteers, but their contributions would not be possible without generous contributions from donors, like the 4 Others Foundation,” said Dr. Dickerhoff, Chair of the Dental Lifeline Network • North Carolina Leadership Council. “For years, the 4 Others Foundation has stepped up, donating thousands of dollars to support the coordination of volunteer services. We are grateful for their support, and look forward to continuing this partnership in 2023.”

The North Carolina DDS program has provided over $6.2 million in donated services to nearly 1,200 patients since it began in 1996. The 4 Others Foundation’s grant is a significant contribution to the cumulative progress being made nationally for the DDS program. For over 35 years, DLN has partnered with volunteer dentists, laboratories, and strategic corporate partners across the country and connected people with special needs to comprehensive dentistry, amounting to almost $522 million dollars in donated treatment for 167,000 participants.

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