Hundreds Serve Veterans Through Will You See One Vet Initiative

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Last year, we launched the Will You See One Vet campaign and have since recruited 700 volunteers who pledged to provide comprehensive care to one veteran this year. We have received updates from our generous volunteers across the country who have helped veterans with their dental needs—like Dr. Anna Abernethy.

Dr. Abernethy, a new DLN volunteer dentist, stepped in to donate her time and services to help restore the dental health of elderly veteran Arnold in her community. Arnold served our country for many years and, now in his 70’s, suffers from mental health issues and has overcome many other health issues, including a heart attack and cancer.

In addition to Arnold’s overall health, his oral health was suffering. He was ineligible for dental assistance through Veterans Affairs and could not afford the necessary dental treatment.

Dr. Abernethy and her team were able to help restore Arnold’s oral health. PrimeBilt Dental Lab also got involved and fabricated full upper and lower dentures for Arnold, at no cost.

Lack of dental care can lead to the inability to have a life-saving surgery, eat again, or contribute to the community. For many of these veterans, volunteer dental professionals are their only hope. Through the Will You See One Vet campaign, DLN hopes to expand its network of dentists and their teams to volunteer to see ONE veteran with special needs one time per year.

In addition to the many individuals who have volunteered, the campaign is supported by many generous sponsors, including the Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation and Delta Dental of MissouriGuardian and The Patterson Foundation. Click here for a full list of supporters.

Too many people like Arnold are unable to access the dental care they need. If you are a dental professional interested in providing care to those in need–we want your help to serve the more than 11,000 people on our wait list.

If you are a general dentist or specialist and haven’t signed up yet–getting involved with DLN’s Will You See One Vet campaign is easy. You can become a volunteer and donate your services, or you can make a direct donation to DLN.

How to Get Involved:

Dentists:         Visit and fill out our short form.



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