Lifeline in Action: DeLux Dental Changing and Saving Hundreds of Lives Since 2001

Since becoming a volunteer for Donated Dental Services (DDS) 19 years ago, DeLux Dental Lab has consistently proven their dedication to quality, advancement, and helping their community. As one of our top volunteer labs, DeLux has donated over $570,000 in fabrications since joining DDS in 2001. One of the many patients they have helped is Susan.

Susan, 57, is a devoted mother who enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren whenever she can. Unfortunately, she suffers from several challenging health problems, including degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, joint swelling, chronic pain, and mental health issues. Additionally, Susan’s dental health had deteriorated. She had only nine remaining teeth and some were decayed. Her existing partial dentures no longer fit correctly causing pain and sores in her mouth. She could not afford her necessary treatment, and felt she had nowhere to turn for help.

Fortunately, Susan was referred to DDS and matched with DeLux in addition to three other generous volunteers, Dr. Arnold Pfannenstiel, Glidewell Laboratories, and Sterngold Dental, LLC. The staff at DeLux donated a full upper and lower partial denture for Susan, and her smile was restored.

While DeLux has many stories like this, each patients’ needs are very unique, and we are grateful to our volunteer labs for being so willing to meet those needs. Fortunately, DeLux believes in DLN’s mission to change and save lives, and they have experienced firsthand how appreciative and in-need the patients they serve are.

“Dental health has a profound impact on our quality of life.” DeLux Cofounder & COO Joseph Bakanowski said. “Our physical and mental well-being has strong ties to our dental health – we know this from the letters and cards we’ve received. Patients often tell a personal and heartfelt story expressing gratitude and how their life has improved after receiving much needed treatment. For many people, the DDS program is their best hope. For some, it is their only hope.”

DeLux Dental Lab has donated fabrications to 985 DDS patients thus far. That exceeds well beyond our suggestion that volunteers help one patient per year, and allows us the opportunity to help many more people in need. DeLux understands the importance of doing their part to give back to their community, and their generosity is sincerely appreciated.

“Participating in the DDS program is satisfying and feels good,” Joseph said. “Our laboratory’s mission statement is To Improve the Quality of Life Through Efficiency, Innovation and Teamwork. Seizing the opportunity and teaming up with other dental professionals that serve the under-served improves everybody’s quality of life – a win, win, win scenario.”

We look forward to changing and saving the lives of many more people in need with DeLux’s help in the years to come!

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