Lifeline in Action: Dr. Denise Hale Changes and Saves Lives Through Dentistry

Not only has Dr. Denise Hale donated over $26,000 in dental treatment since joining the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program as a volunteer, but she has also helped her community in many other ways. She has been on the board of both the Illinois State and the Chicago Dental Society over the years, and she is currently the Vice President of the DLN • Illinois Board of Directors. Dr. Hale uses her position to recruit future volunteers, to advocate for the importance of helping those in need, and to help DDS patients like Harold.

Harold was in a car accident that resulted in a blood clot, and surgery that paralyzed him on one side and left him with other neurological damage. Since then, Harold has experienced many other health issues, such as colitis and osteoarthritis, as well as pre-esophageal cancer. Additionally, his dental health was in bad shape, and his car accident had also broken his jaw. Harold’s small fixed income prevented him from getting the care he desperately need, and he seemed to have nowhere to turn for help.

Fortunately, Harold was referred to the DDS program and matched with Dr. Hale. She concluded that Harold had lots of tooth decay and was missing many of his teeth. Oral surgeon Dr. Carlo Pagni extracted six teeth and 10 roots for Harold. Dr. Hale then fitted Harold for dentures, which were generously donated by Ottawa Dental Lab. Harold was very grateful for all the help and to have his smile back.

Dr. Hale’s dedication to helping people in need like Harold are what keeps DDS going. The work she does for her community is so important and we’re very grateful to her for her willingness to go above and beyond to change lives.

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