Lifeline in Action: Dr. Terry Buckenheimer’s Office Adapts to Changes to Help Patient

Dental Assistant Yaisel Vazquez (left), Violet, and Dr. Buckenheimer (right)

Dr. Terry Buckenheimer is no stranger to advancing the dental profession. He has been involved with numerous dental organizations in his career–the Hillsborough County Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association, and the American Dental Association just to name a few. Dr. Buckenheimer is extremely dedicated to his community and giving back through dentistry. One way he does this is by volunteering for Donated Dental Services (DDS).

Dr. Buckenheimer is very involved with Dental Lifeline Network as not only a DDS volunteer, but as the Director at Large for the DLN • National Board, and as a member of the DLN • Florida Board of Directors as well. Since joining DDS in 2014, Dr. Buckenheimer has donated over $25,000 in dental treatment to patients in need. Recently his office, as is the case with most businesses right now, have had to make some changes to their office procedures due to COVID-19. Thankfully, Dr. Buckenheimer continues to see DDS patients, and he and his staff were able to re-open their office and treat Violet.

Violet is 74 and worked for a bakery until two accidents in the 1980’s left her unable to work. She has a variety of orthopedic problems, and other health issues as well. Additionally, her dental health was declining as a result of her other health conditions. Violet lives off of a small fixed income and was unable to afford the dental treatment she needed.

Fortunately, Violet was referred to DDS where she matched with Dr. Buckenheimer. During his initial exam, he determined that Violet only had three remaining lower teeth, and that her top denture was very old and no longer fit her properly. Dr. Buckenheimer then fitted Violet for new dentures, which were generously donated by Yola Dental Labs, LLC at no cost. Violet was very grateful to have her smile back, and she was especially thankful that Dr. Buckenheimer and Yola Labs were able to continue her treatment after having to close their offices for over a month due to COVID-19.

“Dr. Buckenheimer asked me what I wished for, if I could wish for anything and I said new dentures. But boy I didn’t think I was going to get that! I was blown away by everything. I have been so blessed.” –Violet, DDS Patient

As the world adapts to the ongoing pandemic, we are very grateful to DDS volunteer dentists and labs who are still willing and able to see patients. Thankfully, Dr. Buckenheimer enjoys helping people in need, and volunteers like him and Yola will allow us to continue changing and saving lives as we navigate these changes.

“Being a volunteer for the DDS Program is a very satisfying experience! It is not only rewarding for myself but also for my entire staff.” –Dr. Terry Buckenheimer, DLN Board Director at Large and DLN • Florida Board Member

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